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Winter light

Having started this new website I will update it over the coming weeks with not only older work but some current images.

I don't usually get the opportunity to get out this time of year, but these are not usual times. The winter light is very exciting, its low level gives long dynamic shadows and there is usually some colour to it throughout the day. The supposed better times for photography, the golden hour followed by the blue hour, extend into two hours as the sun takes a lower arc across and below the horizon. The high contrast of the summer lighting is no more a problem, the low sun barreling down the lens can add lens fire, if your a fan of that. My favourite affect of the winter light is it reflecting of the chrome and glass found in towns and cities, forming weird and exciting shapes of secondary highlights, as well as the elongated shadows of people. So I for one am out in the various local landscapes taking advantage. Tomorrow the daylight hours start to get longer, but this quality of light is set to stay with us for a while yet so wrap up warm and get out there, after subject the quality of light is all important.

Having just, its actually been nearly a year now, moved back to the area of my birth, I'm planning / researching a long term local personal project. But for now I am content with meandering around, exploring, photographing, seeing what has and hasn't changed.

Hoping 2022 is going to be a more positive time for everyone, stay safe and healthy.

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