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Perwinnes Moss

Perwinnes Moss or Scotstown Moor is a nature reserve, located four miles north of Aberdeen city centre, near the residential areas of Dubford and Bridge of Don..


Scotstown moor remained largely intact up until the 20th Century mainly as a result of its status as a commonly. This system of tenure protected the site from reclamation from the local land owners.


Rabbits and moles, foxes and roe deer have been seen in the area. Voles and shrews inhabit the grassland and are preyed on by owls, sparrowhawks and kestrels.

Bird life also includes skylarks which nest in the rough grassland, and various birds that nest in the scrub and woodland.


The reserve is owned by Aberdeen city council, who established it in 1994. Before this it was part of a more extensive moor but this has since been lost to housing expansion.


It is now the only example of such species rich lowland heathland in Aberdeen city. Several species of mothsbutterflies, and freshwater invertebrates are also found in the two small ponds provide a habitat for frogs as well as ducks and other wildfowl.


I undertook this self initiated project during the first lockdown of Covid19 over  a two month period.

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